Emma White | Study

6 November – 19 December 2009

Emma White Study 2009 installation view

Emma White meticulously hand-models everyday objects (most commonly office stationery) from shop-bought polymer clays and incorporates them into installations and photography. By mimetic reconstructions of these tools of our working life, White studies the capacity of a hand-made object to become a version of the thing it represents.

In Study, her solo show at BREENSPACE, White uses scale and perspective to examine the accoutrements of a culture that emphasises consumption and productivity (paper clips, pins, paper and staples) and the subtle actions that accompany it such as notating, arranging, attaching and organising.

Emma White has a Master of Visual Art and Bachelor of Visual Art (Class 1 + University Medal), Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, won several grants, awards, traveling art scholarships and overseas exchanges and exhibited in solo and group shows locally and internationally.