Nike Savvas' new monograph, 'Full of Love Full of Wonder' has been published by Black Dog Publishing
October 2012

Nike Savvas, winner of the prestigious Australia Council Fellowship Grant for Fine Art in 2010, is an artist of both large-scale installation and small-scale works. Drawing her inspiration from a variety of sources, from Op Art through to kitsch, her work often conflates painstakingly crafted detail and complex mathematical algorithms - drawing attention to both the tangible and the abstract at once. Her objects and installations often invite the viewer to partake in the active experience of her work, by physically shifting, repositioning and refocusing their gaze, in order to unveil ever-changing facets to the works. Her art is never quite ‘stable’, rather Savvas creates tantalising, fluctuating objects that captivate and mesmerise the eye and the mind. Full of Love Full of Wonder is the long-overdue first monograph on her work. Born in Sydney, Australia, of Greek-Cypriot parents, and moving to London in the mid-1990s to develop her arts practice, Savvas continues to work between London, Sydney and Nicosia— her artistic identity is therefore an eclectic reflection of her multiple heritages.

The book is currently available through Black Dog Publishing or Amazon