Janet Laurence in 'Outside In' at McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park, Langwarrin, VIC
3 October – 28 November 2010

Outside In presents a selection of photography, paintings and sculptures by an array of contemporary artists which explore the relationship between interior and exterior, the expected and the unforseen.

Within the gallery space the outside world emerges through the restrained grey tones of the works, and the profusion of approaches to surface. Janet Laurence’s Forensic Sublime: Crimes against the landscape (Styx Forest) 2008 explores the ecological devastation wrought on our natural environment, while Michael Parekowhai’s glossy Rainbow servant dreaming 2005 questions reality through referencing Rene Magritte’s hatted figures in his Surrealist paintingGolconde 1953. Playing with the nuances of interior and exterior, Robert Hunter’s reductive 3 (09) 2009 requires an extended gaze to reveal the subtle shifting variations of line and tone, whilst Richard Giblett’s Light Export 2007 investigates the constructed modern world through the diminished scale of his illuminated shipping container.

Drawn primarily from McClelland’s contemporary collection, this exhibition highlights some of the Gallery’s recent acquisitions. 

McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park